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Graphic banner - Website design and development, I offer a complete A - Z service, Taking your web project from start to finish.


Website Hosting

I offer two hosting options depending on the level of functionality built in to your site.


Standard Hosting

Website hosting with up to 3 email addresses.

This hosting is suited to standard Brochure sites where functionality is limited to a simple contact form.



Business Catalyst Hosting

For sites with functionality it is necessary to host the site on the Adobe Business Catalyst Platform. These sites fall in to one of two categories as detailed below.


Web Marketing Sites

Websites with inbuilt functionality that allow you to update your site content, promote your site and build on customer relations.


Site functionality includes:

Content Management, In Browser Editing, Site Analytics, Web Forms, Social Media Sharing, Phone & Tablet Support, Targeted Email Marketing, Blogging Engine, Customer Database, Community Forums, News/FAQ,, Ad Rotators and Photo Galleries.



Web Commerce Sites

An online shop with everything you need to   promote, run and build your online business.


Site functionality includes everything in the Web Marketing Site plus:

Feature rich E-commerce platform, Business Reporting, Event Bookings, and Custom Web Apps.


A Complete Start to Finish Service


I offer everything you need to take your web presence from start to finish. I design, develop, publish and maintain websites for individuals and businesses large and small operating locally, nationally and internationally.

Read on for a breakdown of the web developer services I offer.


Domain Registration

I register and administer domains (URL or web address) on behalf of my clients where required.

Often your web address will take the form of your company name and it's quite likely that you will have registered the domain at the same time you decided upon your company name.

If you have not yet registered your domain it could be worth you talking to me before you do as there are some factors in deciding upon your web address that can greatly improve your search engine rankings.


Website Design

The design process is about establishing the initial look and feel of the site. In our initial meetings we discuss an overview of the site and the functionality you require. You provide me with branding, logo's, images and content where it's available. Following this I mock up some design proposals for the look and feel of your site. I am happy to provide you with as many design options as you wish and can work with you for as long as you like to establish a look and feel that you are happy with. Though I would make it clear that the design process is chargeable and where an overall project budget has been agreed I will ensure that the time spent is within reason and proportional to the overall budget.


Website Development

Having agreed the initial design or look and feel of your site the next stage is to go ahead and build it. I usually work in Adobe Dreamweaver using web standard HTML5 and CSS to ensure cross browser and device compatibility. If your site requires functionality such as CRM, mailing lists or shopping cart I work with Dreamweaver and Adobe Business Catalyst where the PHP and Java Script necessary to make these functions work is pre-written and hosted server side. During the development stage you will provide me with all the content and images for the site and I will put this in place as I go. As I complete the development stage you will be able to check and amend any content. Once you are happy and the site has been proof read we go ahead and publish the site.


Search Engine Optimisation

Once your site is live you will want to ensure your site comes up in the search engine results. To get noticed you will need to come up on the first page of search results. Generally if your company name is distinctive or original it's fairly easy to get your site to come up on the first page when searchers search for you by company name. When I first build your site I ensure the site is optimised as far as having an effective URL (web address), headings, content, links, titles, alt tags and meta data to ensure you achieve a listing for your company name. Getting a high listing for your services can be a lot harder particularly if you are in a competitive market. I can help you to identify the key phrases users are likely to use while searching for your services and optimise your site with these phrases to best effect but unfortunately nothing is guaranteed and keeping your search ranking can be an ongoing battle requiring constant re-workings and updating of content  to stay ahead. I am happy to undertake this work for you but you may find that it's cheaper and more effective to sponsor your phrases (Google Adds) to ensure you come up on the top spot reliably. Many large businesses have switched from paying developers for SEO to sponsoring their phrases for the top spot and found this more cost effective, reporting that not only is it cheaper than paying for constant updates to their sites but also the clicks they get from the sponsored links more often lead to a sale. If you choose to sponsor your phrases I can set up and manage this through Google Adds should you wish.


Logos & Branding

I am qualified in Multimedia Graphic Design and very happy to produce logos and branding where it doesn't already exist. Should you require business cards, letterheads, flyers etc I can undertake this for you too.

Where I Work

I live and work in Shepton Mallet Somerset. Many of my clients are based locally here in Somerset but I also have clients based in Bristol, London, Bournemouth Wales and Gloucester and so am happy to offer my services throughout the South of England and Beyond.


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